Dental Implants can replace missing teeth, and give you back your smile and ability to chew

Dental Implants are one Dr. Ray’s specialties. After graduating from UOP in 2002, he trained for years under one of the premier Oral Surgeons in Manhattan, New York.  A dental implant can be used to replace a missing tooth. By substituting the root of the missing tooth, it prevents further serious complications that can arise if the missing tooth is left untreated. It usually requires multiple appointments to complete. First, the site is prepared for placing the implant. Next, the implant body is placed into the bone, along with a special healing cap. The site is given time to heal. Your doctor will monitor the healing process and can provide a temporary tooth to fill the empty space. When the site is fully healed, the healing cap is removed and replaced with the abutment, which serves as the base of your new tooth. Finally, the crown is placed over the abutment and cemented into place. Your tooth is now restored to optimal shape and function.

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