Crowns restore the tooth by completely covering it with a strong, beautiful porcelain.  Crowns are required when a tooth has very little tooth structure left due to dental disease, trauma, root canal therapy, or it is at risk for further fracture due to existing fracture lines.  Fracture lines can be painful or painless.  Fractures get deeper in the tooth every time you chew, clench, or grind.  Eventually if left untreated one of these will happen:

  1. Part of the tooth fractures off and the tooth can be repaired with a crown.  Cost – Crown
  2. The part of the tooth fractures off and into the nerve chamber.  This will require a root canal to save the tooth.  Cost – Root Canal Therapy, Core Build up, Crown.
  3. The tooth fractures below the gumline, and the tooth cannot be saved.  Cost – extraction, replacing tooth with implant, bridge or denture.

Regular exams allow Dr. Ray to identify fractures at the earlier stages.  Less costly for you, and better for your tooth!