Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is used to improve the appearance of your smile so that it looks healthy and natural. There are many factors that we as dentists consider when analyzing a patients’ smile. Depending on the case we can use a variety of materials to improve your smile but generally we will use porcelain restorations because of their strength and beauty. We can take dark teeth or poorly positioned teeth and turn them into a beautiful new smile.

When analyzing a smile we consider many factors such as:

Tooth Position – Where are the teeth in relation to each other? Where are the teeth in relation to the rest of your facial structures?

Lip Position – Is there a gummy smile and how can we correct that?

Position of the gums – are the gums symmetrical or are they higher on some teeth that others?

The placement of the midline – where should the front teeth meet in relation to the rest of the facial structures?

The color and shape of the teeth – what color and shape do we want so the teeth appear natural?

Balance and Symmetry of the teeth – Specific height to width ratios and proportions related to the relative position of the teeth are esthetically pleasing.

Relation of smile to the eyes – Generally we want the line between the pupils to be parallel to the plane of the teeth.

These are some of the factors we evaluate to allow us to create a smile that is pleasing to the eye and functionally stable.