Cosmetic Dentistry

At Giant Smiles Dental, we are dedicated to transforming your smile into a beacon of confidence and natural beauty. Led by the experienced Dr. Greg Ray, our team specializes in cosmetic dentistry, employing cutting-edge techniques and materials to craft smiles that are not just visually appealing but functionally sustainable.


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Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is about restoring the harmony between your smile and facial features. Our approach is comprehensive, taking into account a multitude of factors to design a smile that complements your unique characteristics:


  • TOOTH POSITION: We carefully assess the alignment and spacing of your teeth, ensuring they harmonize perfectly with each other and your overall facial structure.
  • LIP POSITION: Addressing concerns such as a gummy smile, we work meticulously to enhance the visibility and proportion of your teeth when you smile.
  • GUM SYMMETRY: Symmetrical gums frame your teeth beautifully. We evaluate and correct uneven gum lines, crafting a balanced and proportionate smile.
  • MIDLINE PLACEMENT: The position of your dental midline plays a crucial role in facial balance. Dr. Greg Ray ensures that your front teeth align seamlessly with your facial features for a cohesive look.
  • COLOR AND SHAPE OF TEETH: Through the use of high-quality porcelain restorations, we match the natural color and shape of your teeth, ensuring your smile is both beautiful and believable.
  • BALANCE AND SYMMETRY: By adhering to specific height-to-width ratios and esthetic proportions, we achieve a smile that is visually pleasing and symmetrical.
  • RELATION TO THE EYES: Aligning the smile with the eyes, we aim for your teeth’s plane to be parallel with the line connecting your pupils, enhancing facial harmony.


At Giant Smiles Dental, we understand that a radiant smile can significantly impact your self-esteem and daily interactions. Dr. Greg Ray combines his expertise with state-of-the-art technology to address each aspect of your smile, from color correction and alignment to gum symmetry and overall aesthetic balance.


Whether you’re looking to brighten dark teeth, straighten misaligned ones, or correct any other cosmetic concerns, Giant Smiles Dental is here to guide you through your journey to a stunning, natural-looking smile. Experience the difference with us, where every smile is a masterpiece in the making.

If you’re seeking a trusted cosmetic dentist in Manhattan Beach, look no further than Giant Smiles Dental.


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